To master your business, you need to understand your supply chain.

You can rely on Raven’s suite of Railroad Transportation Management Systems to build and unify your Logistics Resource Management infrastructure.

Technology Solutions

The Raven Logistics Railroad SaaS provides you with greater global visibility and control of inventory across your enterprise and throughout your supply chain, reducing your railroad logistics costs while improving procurement, fulfillment and customer service.

Railroad Managed Services

Raven Logistics handles all aspects of railroad logistics from informing you of freight rate optimizations to deciding which mode will best meet your needs to help you attain the competitive advantage needed to excel in today’s dynamic markets.

The Raven Advantage

Raven’s Railroad Transportation Management Systems share a common software code base, business objects and architecture for seamless interoperability.


Technology Solutions

Rate Optimization

See Calculated Rates for Current and Future Shipments with RateSelect

Railcar Tracking

Track Your Shipments in One Place with R-Tracker


Communicate and Control Your Demurrage Expenses with R-Demurrage

Freight Billing

Securely Transmit EDI Communications of Rail Bills & Receipt Confirmations with RBOL®

Vendor Portal

Allow Your Vendors to Manage Inbound & Outbound of Inventory with R-Shipments

Freight Payment

Audit Carrier Invoices Against Expected Shipment Rates with R-Pay

Raven's Tech Platform Provides:

  • SKU/part-level visibility tied to supply chain execution processes via purchase and sales order activity.
  • Web-based automation of the full life-cycle of transportation processes, including transportation planning and sourcing, execution, event management, railcar tracking, reporting, freight payment and reconciliation.
  • Support for multiple modes including rail, intermodal and truck through our various partnerships.
  • Key performance metrics as they relate to railroad logistics, railcar management, vendors and facility performance.
  • Reduced transportation spending by optimizing carrier/route selection and controlling inbound and outbound spending
  • Reduced inventory safety stocks with real-time event management, railcar tracking and reporting of inventory in transit.
  • Improved fulfillment and customer service with in-transit inventory visibility for you and your customers
  • Accelerated and normalized order cycle times and reduced administrative costs through automated processes and error reduction.
  • More intelligent sourcing decisions and accurate customer quotes with quick, delivered cost information.

Railroad Managed Services

Freight Rate Optimizations

Freight Payment & Auditing

Demurrage Audits & Disputes

Railcar Ordering

Freight Billing, Auditing and Diversions

Rail Network & Site Location Analysis

Client Feedback

“Using this software system has resulted in significant cost avoidances each year!”

– Gary Batchelor
Bluelinx Corporation

Commenting on R-Demurrage

“Our days are busy and the current system worked extremely well (efficient), which is what we hoped for when originally contracting with Raven. Correct Bill provides the fastest and easiest fix to a problem waybill.”

– Robin Martin
Idaho Forest Group

Commenting on RBOL

“We do find Raven very easy to use. It is a much better system than the old one we used to use.”

– Marella Heath
USG Corporation

Commenting on system package

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